Dhurin brings together all the vital components that your business would need: data, math, and domain knowledge

Since 2012, Dhurin has been solving a variety of business problems. At a broad level, these problems relate to revenue growth, risk management, operational efficiency, or customer experience. And they span businesses ranging from financial services to retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.

Dhurin leaders themselves have played an active part in the data science evolution over the last two decades. They know first-hand the roles people, process, and technology play in this discipline. They have experience in designing solutions, building teams, and creating value. What makes us unique is this know-how coupled with our meticulous approach yet flexible engagement models.

We can meet you anywhere in your data science journey. Our team with diverse educational backgrounds, skill sets, and industry experience will be committed to your success.

Insight and Prediction:

What we do best is assist and guide our clients through a wide set of possibilities of using their data. It could be an exploration into the ‘why’ of business, building and testing of the right hypotheses, a segmentation to understand customer behaviour, development of predictive models, or the optimization of an existing process. Techniques range from classical statistical inference to the shallow or deep end of the machine learning pool. But our clients’ business goals are always at the core of our approach.

Our insight and prediction toolkit includes

  • Business-Rule-Engines
  • Testing of hypotheses
  • Segmentation
  • Predictive models and scorecards
  • Optimization
  • Forecasting

Diagnostic and Description:

We offer a variety of business intelligence and visualization solutions that help our clients harness the power of their data. These guide our clients to a better understanding/measurement of key metrics and events surrounding their operations and strategies. In our experience, these also serve as an excellent feedback mechanism for data science stakeholders.

Typical work in this area includes:

  • Data exploration
  • Anomaly detection
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Developing and publishing Dashboards / MIS
  • Ad-hoc analyses

Data engineering:

The rapid expansion of the data science industry has been possible, in no small part, thanks to our collective ability to process a large amount of data through novel algorithms. Yet we often hear of inefficiencies and struggle in this area. Good data science thrives on prompt and accurate supply of data.
We would go as far as to say that richer data may have an edge over deeper math at times. Perfect data supply may seem like a moving target. However, our data engineers will bolster your efforts to set up a robust data pipeline and process. Structured or unstructured, intertemporal or stationary, internal or external – we can work with it.

We cover the following areas in industry standard environments including AWS, GCP, Azure and Snowflake.

  • Data ingestion
  • Data pipelines
  • Data layers
  • Data integration and analysis
  • Design, build, and maintenance of data-marts

Your get data science journey started?