Better business decisions using data and maths—that is how we think about the value we bring. In practice, that means working with our clients every day to help them get more out of their data and make data science a part of everyday conversation. From revenue growth, risk management, CX improvement, to operational efficiency—these stories offer a view into how we do it.


Covid-19 halted spends for a couple of years. And thus, CASA ratios of banks went up. They are now back to pre-covid levels. As a dominant regional bank navigates the change, a retention scorecard is now an integral part of their CASA strategy.


A leading car maker and financier in the fast-growing Indian market improved the performance of their leasing business. We helped them by predicting residual value of their cars.

New trappings to an old mule

A growing large bank curtails current account mule fraud, reduces losses, and manages reputation risk using machine learning models.

A new and fast growing Indian private bank.

Deepens customer engagement, reduces complaints, and creates more meaningful conversations…

A semi-urban housing loan provider

Operating in middle income segments drives their technology and business transformation…

A leading Indian private bank

Benefits from identifying growth pockets while achieving regulatory goals…

A Renowned E-Commerce Nutrition Business

Increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchase