Dhurin started with a question:
how to deliver quality data science solutions that go at the heart of business issues, keeping away the jargon and noise that often masks the signal, and to do it with integrity.

We then assembled our team with three critical capabilities:

  • Domain experts who understand business problems at least as well as our clients. They articulate both the problem and the solution equally clearly for technical and non-technical users alike. They understand the practical aspects of successful adoption of data science.
  • Data scientists with an insatiable appetite for data, who can dive deep into the details to deliver a rigorous analysis. They are unafraid of new data and chaos. Every new challenge only brings out the best in them. They are sensitive and flexible towards adoption of their work. Without compromising on intellectual integrity, they land a win-win for clients. Data speaks to them, so it would not be an exaggeration to call them data whisperers.
  • Data engineers who ensure accurate, efficient supply of data and glitch-free deployment of solutions. With their able hands guiding data operations, they help the team traverse the ever-expanding data landscape. Beyond the hard skills that the discipline demands, they also possess the soft skills need to relate, connect, and communicate with a diverse set of stakeholders.

One thing we have learnt is that effective data science is best developed in a consultative and interactive way and not in silos. That said, our clients’ bandwidth, data preparedness, time to market, and overall progress into the data science journey are all important considerations in installing realistic goal posts.

In any case, our teams integrate into our clients’ ecosystem, either as augmented staff, or by turning around projects with a defined objective and scope.

This makes the engagement model flexible and the engagement decision easy for our clients.
This is Dhurin.


The Dhurin leadership team is made up of creative yet pragmatic data scientists. Having worked in diverse industries and settings ranging from consulting to third party services to corporate in-house setups, our leaders have extensive experience in building and successfully running the data science function ground-up. Operating at the junction of business and technology, they have assisted businesses, large and small, to reap value from data. They have built high calibre teams of data scientists, data engineers, and business consultants—that collaborate and work with synergy and pride—and serve as trusted partners to our clients.

Lokesh Arora

Founder and CEO

Ruchi Bhariok

Director and SME

Ravindra Godase

Director and CMO

Priyanka Pande


Jon Barhorst

Board of Advisory

The Dhurin Way of Life

Client-focus: We recognize that satisfied clients are the foundation of our success. As we strive to solve their business problems through data science, we continue to ask ourselves what satisfies their wants, needs, and aspirations. We try to look at our success through their eyes. In doing so, we also make sure that each of us at Dhurin gets to hear the voice of the client, either through ongoing feedback or organized training.

Solution orientation: We try to bring a growth and solution mindset to our work. This means we prefer to have action-oriented conversations that will move things forward. We also recognize when we are more likely to find the solution by taking a step back, sitting with the problem, and approaching the issue from the right headspace.

People are our true capital: We know that people want to excel at their work and build great careers. We think of how best each of us can become a catalyst to help our people achieve this goal. Building each other up is what makes Dhurin what it is.

Respect: Every question counts for us. As data science practitioners, we often operate in ambiguous environments. Just as the questions we ask of our clients set the course of our work, the same holds within the firm. The more our vantage points, the closer we can get to the truth. Always up for a healthy debate, we respect and celebrate diversity and differences.

Prudence: Prudence defines our ability to define and govern ourselves. It defines how we exercise skill and good judgement in using our (and our clients’) resources. Our work often informs strategic decisions that involve people, money, and brands. We care about the soundness of these decisions. Prudence keeps us away from misinformation, misleading assertions, and naïveté. It keeps us inward focused yet forward looking. It helps us make ‘smart’ decisions but not sacrifice long term goals for short term gains.

Pick your tech!

Well versed across tools and platforms.

Building the right models.

Careful evaluation based on complexity, time to market and business value.

Range of methods

Avoiding the typical temptation of a hammer and nail approach.

Data science is a journey

Consult and create a roadmap to maturity

Building the models right.

Rigorous success criteria no matter how complex the problem

Feedback loop and adoption.

Establish a virtuous cycle of test, learn, feedback and improve.

Where does the name Dhurin come from?

Dhurin(धुरिन्), the Sanskrit noun, stems from the root ‘Dhur(धुर्)’ (which means to lead). It translates into “a change agent and a leader.” Keeping with the richness of the language, and depending on the context, it also connotes someone who shows responsibility, can effortlessly shoulder burdens, and guides the group throughout the journey.

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